Catalai China Internship Program with Adventure Travel 1-3 Months in China for students and recent graduates

Program Goals & Benefits

The benefits of the Catalai China Internship Program are two-fold. Participants on the program invest in their future by gaining international work experience. Secondly, the comprehensive nature of the Catalai program allows for an enjoyable and beneficial China experience. Catalai encourages a transition from university life into the professional mindset of starting a career. The program is positively challenging and rewarding. During the China internship, participants will be expected to be pro-active, work effectively, while also learning at the same time. Catalai works closely with all of its partner companies to ensure the internship experience is beneficial for both the intern, and for the company.



Gain international work experience and travel at the same time


In addition to the China internship, Catalai delivers a Guest Speaker Series and offers a variety of networking and business events. Participants get the chance to listen to talks by experienced China CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs. When attending business and social networking events Catalai also gives you the chance to meet western and Chinese professionals from a range of companies and organisations . Exchanging business cards is common practice in China, and we will show you how to network effectively and develop your future career opportunities.



This is much more than a China internship


Catalai provides professional China internships across all major industry sectors, and also offers a comprehensive range of other program foundations. Learning the Chinese language is an important foundation of the Catalai program, but we also emphasise the importance of understanding Chinese culture. During week days participants on the Catalai China Internship Program will be expected to work hard, but at the weekend we encouarge a sense of playing hard, too - Catalai arranges unique travel opportunities so that participants are able to experience the best of what China has to offer.



Make great friends and valuable contacts for the future


By the end of the Catalai China Internship Program we find that participants have enjoyed their time on the program, but will also have a different perspective about China. More importantly we find that Catalai interns finish the program with a much clearer outlook in terms of career direction, having made the transition from a university student to a young professional. China is a large, wonderful and complicated country. Our aim is to allow you to hit the ground running and experience China in a productive and professional way.


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