Catalai China Internship Program with Adventure Travel 1-3 Months in China for students and recent graduates

Your China Internship

Catalai works closely with a large and continuously expanding group of partner companies throughout mainland China. In Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Tianjin, Catalai is able to deliver China internships across all main industry sectors. 


Choose your preferences from all major industry sectors

When applying to the Catalai China Internship Program, you will be asked to select your top three preferences for the internship. If you are accepted on to the the program, although you might not get offered an internship in your first choice sector, you will usually be offered an internship in one of your top three industry sectors. 


Intern with multinational companies or entrepreneurial start-ups

Catalai partners with a large number of companies across all major sectors. Approximately half of the companies are international and half are Chinese. From large multinational companies and state owned enterprises, to small and medium size companies, and from start-ups and entrepreneurs to NGOs and non-profit organisations, Catalai partners with a diverse range of companies and organisations.

English speaking supervisor

Applicants often ask us whether they will need to be able to speak Chinese for the internship. The simple answer is that speaking Chinese is a bonus, but is not a requirement. All of the Catalai China internships will be managed by an English speaking supervisor so that all communication will be clear. In many companies in China, the working language will be English, which makes life easier for non-Chinese speakers. However if you can speak Chinese, you may be given more tasks that can utilise these valuable skills. Approximately half of the participants on the Catalai China Internship Program will not have studied Chinese previously. 


A China internship which is varied, well-structured and highly beneficial 

With the Catalai China Internship Program your China internship is designed to be challenging, well structured and highly beneficial for both you and the company. Interning in China is normally very different from doing an internship in Europe or the USA. For a start, the office or organisation will have a majority of Chinese staff, and normally Chinese managers too. 


Get a Letter of Reference and establish contacts for your future career

Catalai is always at hand to make sure that both sides are able to communicate feedback and we also insist upon performance reviews. In addition, at the end of the internship you will be able to ask your internship company for a letter of reference.


Continuous feedback about your progress and performance

Throughout the China internship, Catalai will frequently communicate with both the intern and the partner company to ensure that the internship experience is varied, structured and managed in a professional way. In China companies and organisations can operate in different ways to the west. From management style, communications within the company and corporate culture in general, it can sometimes take a while to understand why things are happening in certain ways. 


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