Catalai China Internship Program with Adventure Travel 1-3 Months in China for students and recent graduates

Catalai Philosophy

Here at Catalai we work hard to make sure that all participants can be as productive as possible during their time in China. Whether it be 1, 2 or 3 months, apart from the China internship, China offers a vast array of business, cultural and travel opportunities - our goal is to allow participants to take away a wide range of China experiences and contacts for the future.



For most participants on the Catalai program, their personal goals will be similar - to learn as much as possible during the internship, to understand China better (business, language and culture) and to have a great time travelling on the Catalai Adventure Travel long weekend. Having like-minded students and recent graduates in program groups, allows participants to learn from each other's experiences in China and to make great friends for years to come. 



Outside of the China internship, Catalai trys to offer as many unique China experiences as possible at the weekends. Whether it be volunteering with a local charity, teaching English or taking part in a China sports team, Catalai is well placed to add great value to your time spent in China.


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