Catalai China Internship Program with Adventure Travel 1-3 Months in China for students and recent graduates

Business Events


Business Networking and the Catalai Guest Speaker Series

In addition to the internship part of the program, Catalai organises guest speaker events and company visits. The Catalai guest speaker series provides Catalai interns with valuable China insight and industry-specific knowledge. Students are able to gain knowledge about the practicalities of doing business in China and can absorb the advice and messages from senior business leaders throughout China.



Catalai interns can also take part in business and social networking events. The business events allow interns to meet industry leaders and young professionals in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Tianjin. For graduates who are interested in working in China after the Catalai program, the networking events are a great way to make contacts and discover new career opportunities.



The Catalai guest speaker events and networking opportunities provide interns with valuable insight and access to professionals in China in many different industries. Catalai interns can discover more about specific industries that they are interested in, and can take part in Q&A sessions with CEOs, managers and key China business leaders. We also find that the open-panel Q&A sessions give Catalai interns a useful opportunity to learn more about doing business in China. For those interns who might be interested in working in China after graduation, or even interested in starting their own company one day, the Catalai business events will provide you with the right audience and contacts to see how business in China is really done.



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